Privacy policy

the costdrivers (cost drivers), a product of datamark ltda, offers its visitors and users an integrated platform, with its own technology for the transfer of information in internet environment, acting as a passive conduit of information respecting the terms of the general conditions of use.

the information carried by the platform costdrivers are committed to the ethical and legal principles that guarantee in a clear and transparent way the methods used for the collection, use, access, and sharing of personal information of its users.

costdrivers-privacy policy

• cookies objective transfer of information to third parties

• integrity confidentiality of information
• user registration

• user at access, modification and rectification
• email
• id policy purpose-
all the information collected from the users, will have as sole purpose the functioning of the platform itself committing to not gather information datamark, inc. that are incompatible with its purpose

cookies-the web site is enabled with the technical resource of cookies , which will be used in order to customize the service to the user.

transfer of information to third parties-users ' personal information will be transferred to third parties only for operational implementation of the platform.

confidentiality-the partners and third parties who operate with data and information of the platform are bound to the contract which envisages datamark, inc. confidentiality and protection limits the use of these, and not the same, under any circumstances, be sold, alienated, leased or transferred, exchanged, that title is, except with express written permission of users.

information integrity-the costdrivers platform is enabled with security programs for the protection and integrity of information transiting in their operations and database files, such as firewalls and anti-virus. the costdrivers does not modify or change the personal information of its registered users, except when duly authorized by them or for technical reasons of operability of the platform

user name-the user who you want to have full use of the capabilities of the platform will have to register.

user-at the registered user also may request at any time the suspension or deletion of your personal information registered in the costdrivers platform, and apply it through e-mail forwarding

access, amendment and rectification-registered users will have access to your personal information registered in the costdrivers platform, and if the registered user to verify that your personal information are set out so wrong or out of date , may be issued directly to your rectification or amendment, for both and should use the password you created when you registered on the platform.

e-mail policy-the datamark ltda is opposed to the sending of electronic messages (emails) unwanted or unsolicited. periodically, the costdrivers platform can submit technical and commercial information of interest to users, but if the user does not want to receive this information, you may indicate your willingness to non-receipt. if the user receive any unsolicited mail that apparent come costdrivers platform and unauthorized, we ask users to send us the details to the e-mail, immediately we will proceed to the appropriate investigations.

if the user id-please contact the costdrivers platform can do so through email